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Photo Gallery

G3SED - Home QTH G3SED - Home QTH G3SED - Antennas winter 2015 Shows Optibeam OB9-5, Optibeam 30/40 rotary dipole, Comet 4 element 6m beam @ 80ft. 198562425 G3SED - House looking to the west If you look carefully you can see my tower and 160 metre verticals in the background behind the house 94933660 G3SED Home QTH 2001 View to the North East taken in 2001 before our house was extended 96010027 G3SED Home QTH 2001 View To the East taken in 2001 before the house was extended 96010028 G3SED Home QTH 2001 View to the NNE taken in 2001 96010029 G3SED- Panoramic view l View of the house and garden looking North - to the left of this picture we have about another 1 acre of woodland 94933661 G3SED- 6 metre array Pictured are a pair of trident TA6M7L yagis stacked at 22ft separation with the top one at 80ft 94933662 G3SED - 160 metre Doublet Picture shows cebtre of my 160 metre Doublet - at this time it was about 90ft high 94933663 G3SED - 17MHz beam Picture shows my Trident 3 element 17 MHz beam with a Trident 7 element 6 metre yagi mounted above it 94933664 G3SED - Force 12 C31XR Picture show me and Carl G4GTW assembling and erecting my Force 12 C31XR mulit band beam 94933665 G3SED- remote Balanced Tuner Picture shows my remote balanced Tuner with the cover off. This feeds my open wire fed doublet ( Top 80 metres long and 25 metres high) . 95526621 G3SED - 80 metre Phased verticals Picture shows Tony G0OPB checking the phasing of a pair of Titanex V80 20 metre tall verticals phased for 80 metre use. 95527376 G3SED - Antennas 2009 Picture shows my force 12 C31XR HF beam with 40 metre rotary dipole above it 95527839 G3SED - 80 Metre Vertical My current 80 metre vertical, using parts from and old Titanex V160 and a fibre pole. Total height 20 metres and with 120 1/2 wave radials, it is quite efficient. 196138969 G3SED - Antenna 2013 Shows Optibeam OB9-5, Optibeam 30/40 rotary dipole, Comet 4 element 6m beam @ 80ft. Also test 4m vertical dipole hanging from guys. 196270333 G3SED VHF, UHF beams Installation of a 9 element 144 MHz beam and 23 element 70cms beam. 206328096 G3SED VHF, UHF Beams Summer 2020 6, 2 and 70cms beams 206328097