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Photo Gallery

CT7/G3SED CT7/G3SED CT7/G3SED - My operating position Icom IC-7000 in the "bedroom shack" 94932094 CT7/G3SED - view to the South West 94932099 CT7/G3SED - Our Villa If you look carefully you can see the 6 metre beam mounted on the terrace 94932096 CT7/G3SED - 6 metre beam Comet 6 metre 4 element beam mounted at 12 metres above ground level. 94932093 CT7/G3SED view from the terrace Mike G3SED pictured with the 4 element 6 metre beam looking South West 94932095 GT7/G3SED - 20 metre vertical DIpole Mounted on a fishing Rod the 20 metre Vertical Dipole works really well. 94932097 CT7/G3SED - 6 metre Beam Comet dual driven 4 element 50 MHz yagi - works great ! 94932098