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About me !

G3SED - Mike Devereux

I have had my call for 57 years this year and yet I'm still addicted to Amateur Radio ! I have have spent the majority of my time chasing weak signal DX on the LF, HF, 60m and 6 metre bands.

I love pushing the limits of propagation, designing, building and air testing new antennas, to give that extra dB or so, that will allow me to work some marginal opening to a far flung part of the world.

Although not really active on 160 for the past three years, I still have over 291 Countries worked, with a total country score of 347 worked on all bands.

I'm fascinated with Propagation and have found the 6 metre band to be a real eye opener to the way that the sun drives our ionosphere. My biggest thrill was working W7GJ via moon bounce on this band with simple equipment and antennas.

I am a member of the First Class Operator's Club with my love of CW and a member of the Chiltern DX Club and UK DX foundation. The CDXC sponsor Dxpedition and promote interest in all forms of Dxing.

I have been lucky enough to travel to remote and exotic parts of the world to play Ham Radio, click on Dxpeditions above to see where I have been.

I was honoured in 2012 to be awarded by the RSGB the prestigious R.O.T.A.B Trophy for consistent and outstanding DX achievement - a kind of "life time achievement" award. I guess it tells me that I getting to the latter part of my life!

For many years I operated as CT7/G3SED from a Villa in the Algarve Portugal. It was great fun to go back to basics and use simple wire antennas and low power.

My shack from 2014 with Icom IC-7700, Yaesu VL1000 Amp, Icom 7400, Drake MN2700 Tuners, Acom 2000 amplifier, Ham-ware Remote balanced Tuner & various accessories. I have since treated myself to the NEW ICOM 7850 and love it!

In 2008 I bought a 13.5m Motor Cruiser "Marianna" which I keep on the Hamble river near Southampton. It has been great fun to operate /MM from the boat with my good friends. I have a fixed 24ft Fibreglass whip on the bathing platform and when at sea, I run a kite borne 185 ft vertical for the LF Bands.

For 2020 I purchased a Camper van to use as a portable shack. My wife named it "Pumpkin" so look out for G3SED/P and see the photos in my photo section of the site.

I live a busy working life running my own group of companies, Nevada Nevada Radio and Nevada PR , but I still find plenty of time to be fully involved in the hobby!

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